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when the url you really wanted is taken

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me when i diet

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so done caring right now.


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the flower and her inner focus
 Kinke Kooi

Feature Inc Gallery, 131 Allen St., NYC (bt Delancey & Rivington)

“For me, in a strange way, decoration has to do with making connections. That’s why I fill in spaces in between: to dissolve opposition. To be overwhelmed by nature is to dissolve into a bigger whole. It is an inclusive situation, which for me is the same as a domestic situation… I think femininity still deserves and needs to be visualized from more perspectives. I would like to fill in these gaps in our visual information.” —Kinke Kooi, November 2013

"The Flower and Her Inner Focus 3", 2013; acrylic paint, graphite, colored pencil on paper; 53.75 x 53.75”

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